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US Consumers Appreciate In-Game Ads

US Consumers Appreciate In-Game Ads

Jul 17, 2019

According to a March 2019 survey from mobile ad and app monetization company Tapjoy, 69% of US consumers said they would rather give up social media apps or TV than lose their favorite mobile games.

In-Housing Media Buying Helps Bring Control Back to Brands: An Interview with Jenny Chan of

Jul 11, 2019

As the relationship between brands and their partner agencies continues to evolve, more brands are looking to bring projects in-house, citing cost as a factor. For, however, bringing digital media buying in-house was primarily motivated by the desire to have more control over data, though cost was another consideration.

Mozilla Still Isn’t Ready to Advertise on Facebook Again: An Interview with CMO Jascha Kaykas-Wolff

Jul 10, 2019

In the wake of last year’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, several companies decided to take a stand against Facebook by suspending their advertising on the platform. Perhaps the most vocal detractor was the Mozilla Corporation, which pulled its seven-figure budget and pledged not to advertise on Facebook until the tech giant made significant changes to the way it handled consumer privacy.

How Brands Streamline Their Agency Partnerships

How Brands Streamline Their Agency Partnerships

Jun 28, 2019

Shrinking media budgets, aggressive growth goals and ever-complex marketing needs are causing a shift in the brand-agency relationship. In their bid for self-preservation, brands are streamlining spending and in-housing capabilities.

Amazon Rebrands IMDb Freedive to IMDb TV, Ramping Up Ad-Supported Video Strategy

Jun 26, 2019

In a significant move for the company's larger advertising goals, Amazon is rebranding its barely six-month-old streaming service to further ramp up its ad-supported video strategy.

Facebook's New Libra Cryptocurrency Helps the Company Diversify Away from Advertising

Facebook's New Libra Cryptocurrency Helps the Company Diversify Away from Advertising

Jun 24, 2019

After a year of rumors, Facebook confirmed its plans to create a financial system based off a new cryptocurrency called Libra. While the company derives a majority of its revenues from advertising, it’s clear that it’s been trying to diversify its income, and this new digital currency—along with its new digital wallet feature Calibra—is the next step in executing this strategy.