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Understanding the Trends Driving Video Ad Growth

Sep 20, 2018

In the fifth episode of our five-part series on digital ad spending, we're digging into video. eMarketer analysts Paul Verna, Monica Peart and Eric Haggstrom discuss recent developments at the major platforms, and highlight some of the newer players that are worth keeping an eye on.

Facebook Messenger Ads: Are They Worth It?

Sep 20, 2018

Display ads in Messenger's inbox can help brands reach eyeballs, but advertisers should be careful not to overstep their bounds.

Five Charts: Yes, the GDPR Is Shaking Up Digital Marketing

Sep 20, 2018

Since it became enforceable on May 25, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has become a legal headache for marketers, led some publishers to turn off open exchanges and even caused several vendors to pivot their business models.

Advertisers Get Annoyed By Ads Too

Sep 14, 2018

Ad professionals block ads at similar rates to the rest of the population.

Most Apps Get Deleted Within a Week Of Last Use

Sep 13, 2018

On average, smartphone users worldwide delete their apps 5.8 days after they last used them, and 40% of them will reinstall.

It Keeps Getting Harder to Drive Sales with Amazon Ads

Sep 12, 2018

Megan Harbold, vice president of ecommerce at The Mars Agency, explains the challenges of advertising on Amazon.

Best Practices for Local Area Marketing Revealed | Tech Talk Tuesday

Sep 11, 2018

eMarketer moderates a webinar with Catherine Josef, senior manager of global marketing solutions at Marriott International, and Ted Lesher, managing director at BrandMaker, as they reveal the secrets to maintaining brand consistency in materials for partners and distributed teams.

Some Pillars of Traditional Media Are Crumbling

Sep 11, 2018

In the latest episode of “Behind the Numbers,” eMarketer’s Eric Haggstrom and Chris Bendtsen discuss how traditional media is changing. Are people spending less time watching TV? Is radio staging a comeback?

The Big Issues Changing Mobile Marketers' Mindset in Canada

Sep 10, 2018

Jed Schneiderman, co-founder and president of Tapped Mobile, talks about the big issues marketers need to focus on today, and the trends that might not be worth their time.

In Germany, Use of Ad Blockers Driven by Security, Privacy Concerns

Sep 07, 2018

In 2018, an estimated 21.4 million web users in Germany will block ads on a digital device at least monthly—equivalent to 32.0% of internet users and 26.2% of the population.

How Bid Shading Is Changing Programmatic Auctions

Sep 07, 2018

Adam Soroca, head of the global buyer team at Rubicon Project, spoke about how advertisers use bid shading to mitigate the difference in prices between different types of programmatic auctions.

In France, Digital Ads Are Often Viewed as Intrusive and Irrelevant

Sep 06, 2018

eMarketer estimates that the number of people in France using ad blocking software or tools at least once per month reached 14.1 million in 2017, and will pass 16 million in 2019.

Some Marketers Are Cutting Back on Third-Party Data

Sep 05, 2018

Web browsers, Facebook and the GDPR have each done their part to make third-party data less appealing.

In the UK, Publishers and Marketers See Ad Blocking as a ‘New Normal’

Sep 05, 2018

We estimate that 22.0% of UK internet users will use ad blocking tools this year, compared with 28.7% in France, 32.0% in Germany and 25.2% in the US. Growth in user numbers will slow to single digits for the first time.

Ad Blocking in France 2018

Sep 04, 2018

Nearly 30% of internet users of all ages in France will use ad blocking software or tools this year, to limit their exposure to digital ads. Annual growth rates will drop below 10%, however, and continue to decline.