The Software as a Service Explainer: SaaS could be a $140 billion market by 2022—here's how SaaS is set to further shape the enterprise software market and the biggest trends driving its growth


Executive Summary

The global workforce was becoming more remote, distributed, and dependent on SaaS solutions prior to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, but pandemic-related disruptions have forced nearly every industry to ramp up digitization and accelerate the shift from commercially licensed software to SaaS. As enterprise SaaS matures, verticalization, building solution ecosystems, and optimizing pricing will be key areas of focus for providers looking to grow market share.

Three Key Questions This Report Will Answer:

  • What is the SaaS model?
  • How has the pandemic changed the type of software enterprises are primarily using?
  • How can SaaS providers adapt to changing business needs and market conditions during the pandemic?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? In this report, Insider Intelligence will explore what the SaaS model is and why it continues to grow its share of the enterprise software market, as well as evaluate the growth opportunities within the industry. First, we will examine the SaaS model and why it has become the dominant model for software delivery through the perspective of software providers and enterprise customers. Then, we'll explore the three SaaS deployment models and the key market segments. Finally, we'll look at the underlying growth strategies providers are exploring to contend with changing business needs and market conditions.

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Rayna Hollander