What's Behind Premium Publishers' Push to Private Marketplaces?

What's Behind Premium Publishers' Push to Private Marketplaces?

The programmatic trend to watch

An interview with:
Tammy Le
Head of Product Marketing, Adobe Advertising Cloud

Programmatic advertising is no longer a nascent practice. We forecast that 82.5% of all US digital display ad dollars will flow via some form of automation this year, with a significant share of spending going to private setups. eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher spoke with Tammy Le, head of product marketing for Adobe Advertising Cloud, about why there’s a greater push for private programmatic practices among premium TV and digital publishers—and why big brand advertisers are just as enthusiastic. Le was interviewed as part of eMarketer’s April report, "US Programmatic Ad Spending Forecast 2018: Private Setups Pull Even More Ad Dollars to Automation."


What’s happening in the programmatic advertising landscape today?

Tammy Le:

We define programmatic as any type of advertising or media transaction that happens through software or with the assistance of software. It’s not all the real-time bidding [RTB] and long-tail inventory it used to be 10 years ago. It’s increasingly private marketplaces [PMPs], and very premium publishers now use programmatic technology to monetize or at least streamline the operational flow of their inventory.

That trend will continue. More premium publishers and networks are coming online and leveraging technology and programmatic for greater scale. This is especially true for TV-like content or even TV itself: They’re using programmatic software to figure out how to better monetize some of their inventory.

Interview conducted on January 26, 2018

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