How Marketers Are Stepping Up to Address Brand Safety

Study finds many have altered their digital strategy

Marketers are taking a number of actions to tackle growing concerns about brand safety.

That's according to a new study from out-stream video advertising platform Teads.

In response to brand safety concerns over the past six months, nearly six in 10 US CMOs surveyed in November 2017 said they've increased their spending on channels that can prove they are brand safe, and almost as many respondents said they've reviewed their agency relationships.

Nearly half of CMOs polled also took a closer look at supplier relationships. And many didn't just review their partnerships, they also demanded more transparency from the agencies and suppliers they work with.

Others took a more hands-on approach than they may have done before. Roughly four in 10 said they now have a more direct involvement in the way their digital strategy is executed.

But those changes weren't the only ones addressed. Some 29.8% of CMOs said they've reduced their spend—or boycotted channels—that weren't guaranteed to be brand safe. Another solution for many was to increase spend with premium publishers. Nearly 39% of respondents said they did so.

Overall, very few—4.8%—made no changes to their digital strategy, and don't plan on doing so within the next year.

Meanwhile, a survey of brand marketers worldwide from the CMO Council and Dow Jones in August 2017 also looked at brand safety and found that many marketers hold media buyers accountable for brand safety.

But half of respondents in the CMO/Dow Jones survey also said they were developing guidelines for their agency and ad buying partners.