What Virtual Selling Mistakes Are Buyers Seeing?

Before the pandemic, in-person events and meetings were a pivotal touchpoint for sellers. Now, they’re figuring out how to transition to digital channels, but selling to influencers and decision-makers isn’t easy when done remotely.

A June 2020 survey from RAIN Group found that buyers (defined as influencers and decision-makers who purchase goods and services for their organizations) noticed a host of issues when being pitched to virtually. The highest share of respondents (89%) cited “experiencing technology problems” as a leading virtual selling mistake.

“Sellers have a more unique challenge during this time than their marketing counterparts, as engaging in conversations with buyers depends not just on best practices of stakeholder and company research, but also connecting with the individual person. And during this pandemic, every person is experiencing their own unique struggle,” said eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Jillian Ryan.

Roughly eight in 10 buyers cited poor visuals during online meetings, issues with responsiveness and preparedness, and lacking presentation skills as top mistakes. Distractions garnered 77%. These responses indicate that buyers will notice the level of organization and professionalism from sellers, who must adapt to this new normal as remote work continues amid the pandemic.

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