Site Traffic Declines; Voice Commerce; Online Shopping Fraud

Site Traffic Declines; Voice Commerce; Online Shopping Fraud

The numbers you need to know today

Site Traffic: According to SimilarWeb data, has been losing traffic rapidly. The site had 33.8 million visitors in March 2017 and only 2.8 million in March 2018—a 60% decline year over year. Other Walmart acquisitions saw their traffic shrink, as well:'s decreased 43% during that same time period, Bonobos' declined 13% and's dropped 89%. Traffic to grew, though, from 369.1 million visitors to 386.6 million. is launching a newly designed site in May that promises a "a cleaner and more modern digital shopping experience."

Shopping via Speaker: Voice commerce may have a chance, according to customer experience platform Narvar. It found that 17% of US online shoppers now own a voice-activated device, and 42% of them have used it to shop. The age group with the highest usage rate might be surprising: Device owners ages 45 to 60 were most likely to shop via voice (43%), compared with 38% of those 30 to 44 and 15% of those younger than 30. Shopping isn't buying, however. The most common shopping activity was researching products (51%), followed by adding to a shopping list (36%), though 22% had a made a purchase. 

Fraudulent Attacks: Online shopping fraud incidents grew 30% in 2017, according to Experian. Looking at specific types of fraud, shipping fraud rose 37% and billing fraud was up by 34%. For fraudulent transactions, credit cards were the leading method used (92%). Only 7% occurred via prepaid gift cards, third-party transfers or direct billing. The riskiest states for online shopping fraud were Delaware and Oregon. 

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