Robust customer data: The key to personalized marketing messages | Sponsored Content

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If you’re like most marketers, your client profiles are missing valuable information. Having more robust customer data insights can help you craft more successful campaigns.

To understand how getting a fuller picture of your customers’ lives can help you better serve them, let’s examine the connection between home buying patterns and... pet ownership.

In 2020, more than 11 million families adopted a pet. And adding a pet to the family affected spending habits in some surprising ways. For example, among millennials, the third most common reason for buying a home was that they needed space for a dog.

So how can insights like this improve your marketing strategy? Insights from holistic data help you connect with your customers and deliver personalized marketing messages. When consumers experience marketing messaging that’s relevant to their lives, they see it as a service rather than a nuisance.

Here are three ways you can use consumer data to improve the customer experience:

1. Match customers with the right products

The more detail you have about each customer’s life choices and spending habits, the better you’ll be able to target them with relevant offers. When a consumer responds to an email offer only to find they are eligible for the advertised interest rate or credit limit, that's a negative experience that could send them to a different lending institution.

2. Cater to different customer types

Not all Gen X or millennial consumers are alike. Newly married couples and singles who are adding pets to their families have needs that are different from families with small children that adopt a dog or cat.

For example, a newly married couple might be saving up to buy their first home. If so, they may be looking for digital tools to help them save and offers that help them stay within their budget. They might also be looking for pet insurance and discounts on pet products.

On the other hand, a family of four may have completely different goals and buying habits. Busy parents will be grateful for time-saving apps and simpler ways to shop. And they will appreciate offers for products that make their homes more pet- and child-friendly.

3. Provide a targeted experience built around the wishes of your target consumers

Data lets you add value by offering new pet owners targeted rewards or discounts when they purchase your products. Let’s say you work for a hospitality brand. You could provide special offers for pet-friendly hotels or discounts on pet lodging after your customer books a trip.

Get actionable insights to drive effective campaigns

If this level of fine-grained detail and microtargeting feels beyond your reach, it doesn’t have to be. Platforms such as Customer Link from PwC provide the data you need to customize and target your customer communications. Customer Link offers more than data sliced, diced, and aggregated—it also identifies consumer behavior signals by using proprietary data from PwC research. Take Customer Link for a test drive today.

—Brian Morris, PwC Partner, Customer Link