Parents Spend More on Back-to-School Supplies When Shopping with Their Kids

Back-to-school shopping is an expense for many parents. According to a recent survey by Citi Retail Services (CRS), they'll shell out roughly $322 per child this year. And those that bring their kid along? They'll fork over even more. 

Of the 1,000 US parent internet users surveyed, nearly a quarter said they would spend between $25 and $50 or more. Meanwhile, 18% said they would dole out $100 or more, and another 18% said they would lay out even more than that. 

Roughly one in five respondents acknowledged they would spend less if their child or their kids didn't come along. 

But despite spending more, many parents also agree that having their child with them makes shopping at least somewhat more effective, meaning they're able to get more or less done in a single trip because their child is able to weigh in. 

CRS' study mirrors a recent one Deloitte conducted in June 2018, which found that parents who start their back-to-school shopping earlier in the summer tend to spend more money overall

Those beginning their back-to-school shopping in early August will spend roughly $473, per Deloitte. And on average, those that started even earlier—prior to July—likely spent around $532.