Online Groceries; Buy Buttons; Accuracy Matters

Online Groceries; Buy Buttons; Accuracy Matters

The numbers you need to know today

Brandless > Jet: Despite creating a private label, Uniquely J, with the goal of enticing millennials, fewer of them shop there compared with older age groups, according to data from L2. In fact, 18- to 24-year-olds made up just 12% of visitors between December and February. By contrast, the figure was 23% for those 25 to 34, 21% for those 35 to 44 and 18% for those 45 to 54. That said, the 18-to-24 cohort accounted for fairly low levels of online grocery buying on all platforms included in L2's study. Some 17% of Brandless shoppers were from that group, followed by FreshDirect and Instacart, tied for second at 15% each.

Social Shopping: A new study from Astound Commerce found that 92% of retailer social media accounts use calls to action like a "shop now" button, with the figure rising to 100% on Facebook and 96% on Twitter. Indeed, social commerce components were more prevalent than videos (64%) and contact info like email addresses or phone numbers (28%).  

Wrong Number: When searching for a business online, incorrect information, like a company name or contact details, was the No. 1 reason US internet users would lose trust, according to research from BrightLocal. Incorrect business hours (51%) and poor or out-of-date photos (50%) also contributed to distrust. These weren't hypothetical situations for many: Over a third had called a wrong number posted online, and 24% had arrived before a business opened or after it closed. These inconveniences plagued younger internet users more than older ones, which is possibly due to the latter using more offline sources or trying fewer businesses that are new to them. 

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