On-Demand, Tech-Talk Webinar: Identity Resolution and Predictive Segmentation: Best Practices for Executing the Right Strategy in a Digital-First World | Sponsored Content

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Digital marketers must drive meaningful engagements with their customers and prospects. But how can marketers engage their customers without having a deep understanding of who they are? With all the available data points, which ones are the most relevant to drive identity resolution and predictive segmentation?

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar presentation featuring John Barnes, CTO and Matt Hussey, director of solutions engineering at Infutor Data Solutions. They shared the key steps marketers should implement to make a huge impact on conversions and customer lifetime value.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How to use identity resolution and predictive segmentation to improve engagement and conversions
  • Data-driven methods to use for identifying high-propensity, high-converting lookalike audiences
  • Key steps to increase customer lifetime value


John Barnes is chief technology officer of Infutor Data Solutions. He is responsible for developing Infutor’s technology assets to support and drive innovation, as well as overseeing corporate information operations, systems development, data management and information security. Harnessing more than 20 years of experience, John has a successful track record of providing technology vision and leadership, with a focus on reliability, scalability and performance.

Matt Hussey is director of solutions engineering at Ruf Strategic Solutions, an Infutor company. He joined Ruf Strategic Solutions in 1997, which was acquired by Infutor in 2018. Matt is tasked with executing the technical requirements for client programs. Using his experience and expertise, he bridges the gap between client marketing needs and objectives, as well as the analytical and technical capabilities of Infutor's products and services with a focus on the Connex segmentation system.

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