On-Demand, Tech-Talk Webinar: Email Optimization—The ABC’s of A/B Testing | Sponsored Content

Presented by Marketo, an Adobe Company


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Emails have been around since the time of dinosaurs (maybe just the late 70s, but you get the point)—yet, nobody has ever sent the perfect email.

While the perfect email might not even exist, how can you begin to create better emails with each and every send?

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar presentation featuring Tim Ozmina, senior marketing specialist at Marketo, an Adobe Company. From email subject lines that beg to be opened, to creating a call to action (CTA) that must be clicked, Tim explored the world of email A/B testing.

View the webinar to learn:

  • What you should A/B test to best optimize your emails
  • How to set up a proper A/B test
  • How to accurately report and analyze your results and make the right decisions


Tim Ozmina is a senior marketing specialist on the commercial demand generation team at Marketo, an Adobe Company. He dabbles in sending emails, creating conversations, and nerding out with data. Outside of the office, Tim is an avid skier and enjoys exploring all that Colorado has to offer.

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