On-Demand, Meet the Analyst Webinar: Digital Marketing in Today’s Privacy-Conscious World

Are you prepared for 2020?

Privacy is now a major factor for consumers and companies alike. As browsers double down on privacy features and regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act come into view, digital marketers must be primed and prepped for changes likely to affect targeting tactics, measurement efforts, customer experience initiatives and much more.

In this Meet the Analyst webinar, eMarketer principal analyst Lauren Fisher discussed how privacy concerns and laws will shape the digital marketing landscape over the next 12 months.

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Made possible by RedPoint Global, this video webinar explores:

  • How consumers feel about privacy today
  • How recent regulation has impacted marketers already from fines to targeting, and more
  • Seven privacy side effects marketers must account for now and through the next 12 months, including changes to the customer experience, tracking, targeting and more
  • Plus! Steve Zisk, senior product marketing manager at RedPoint Global, joins the conversation

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