Navigating the Terrain of the Data-Driven Media Ecosystem | Sponsored Content

This article was contributed and sponsored by Adstra.


Integrations occupy a central place in the daily happenings of the digital media news cycle. Hardly a day goes by without announcements of new integrations between vendors and platforms, between DSPs, SSPs, CDPs, DMPs and marketing clouds, and between publishers, brands and diverse sources of data. Together, these integrations grow the ever-expanding web of connective tissue that makes up the infrastructure of the data-driven media ecosystem. These integrations are roads on the map—the pathways along which data and money change hands.

Yet not all these pathways are the same. Some are mere footpaths, while others are highways. Some are static tracks for purpose-built railcars, and others are smooth pavement that can accommodate all forms of travel. Far too many require that you pay a toll.

With the end of the third-party cookie, this challenging journey through the infrastructure of the data-driven media ecosystem is about to become even more difficult. In keeping with the metaphor, the decommissioning of the cookie shuts down main public highways, forcing marketers to funnel into congested toll roads operated by large walled garden platforms. It will cost publishers half of their revenue and throw into disarray the over $19 billion that brands spend each year on audience data. The emergence of data privacy regulations complicates the journey further, adding new checkpoints and weigh-stations.

This diversity and complexity has marketers playing an infinite game of “The Amazing Race,” constantly switching vehicles, onboarding and offboarding, packing and unpacking, stopping, sitting in traffic, and paying fares. Orchestrating this journey is no small task.

Data is a critical ingredient in every form of marketing and advertising, and yet the complexity of orchestrating the journey between points of activation can be prohibitive. As a result, data is not being fully utilized to inform important marketing and advertising decisions, leading to a situation where today, data guides less than 10% of advertising overall.

Marketers need an all-terrain vehicle with a robust navigation system. Something that can traverse all distances, drive on all roads, and circumvent the tolls when necessary. Something that can overcome the barriers along the path, that can assist in navigating and pointing the way.

Marketers need a data solution built for agility, extensibility, and cost-effectiveness, that also encompasses first-party data acquisition and enhancement, identity resolution and validation, privacy insights, audience segmentation and monetization. At Adstra, we seek to help marketers by providing safe, compliant, portable and cost-efficient access to all forms of marketing data, along with identity and applied analytics. We give marketers realtime access to data in all mediums, with the option to operate in either Adstra’s environment or behind their company’s firewall.

The terrain of the data-driven media ecosystem will continue to shift under marketers feet. If you’re looking for a data bureau that provides safe, compliant, portable and cost-efficient access to any form of marketing data, learn about Adstra here.

—Rick Erwin, CEO, Adstra