Meta’s Quest headset updates could help boost holiday adoption

The news: Meta has updated its Quest headsets with a bevy of new features, including cloud backups, mixed-reality camera mode, cosmetic items for the VR office, app sharing, and the ability to add multiple Facebook accounts, per The Verge.

Why it's worth watching: All eyes are on Meta since its recent rebrand and focus shift to the metaverse, which hinges on AR headsets and hardware that serve as conduits into virtual spaces. 

  • Meta doubling-down on Quest’s headset features during the holiday shopping season could accelerate user adoption or at the very least provide Meta with a willing user base to beta test new features. 
  • Unlocking multi-user support, which was previously an “experimental feature,” helps members within a family or office team have individual access to the metaverse.
  • The software update also lays the groundwork for using Messenger to make voice calls while the headset is on, preparing the shift to more immersive applications.

What next? Ramping up features on existing VR headsets adds value for Quest users, and enabling multi-user support can trigger a halo effect, leading to more headset sales. 

Meta wants to entice users toward the metaverse, and the holiday shopping season could be the right time to drum up excitement.

  • Physical retail stores would be the best way for Meta to demo experiences to potential clients, and these could be coming soon.
  • For now, keeping the Quest headsets affordable, bundling games and experiences out of the box, and enabling multi-user support could help draw more people into the metaverse.