Men Are More Likely to Shop In-Store and Pay Full Price

Men Are More Likely to Shop In-Store and Pay Full Price

Meanwhile, women tend to research and showroom

In another sign that men and women shop differently, new data from First Insight found that men (42%) are more likely to shop in-store and pay full price than women (31%).

Being able to see, touch and feel the product was the leading reason that drove men to shop in a physical store, cited by 44% of respondents. But to be fair, this was also the top factor for women (33%)—and is likely a No. 1 answer universally—but to a lesser degree.

Meanwhile, instant gratification influenced women's in-store shopping. Over a quarter (27%) of female respondents said the ability to take products home immediately motivated them to visit a brick-and-mortar store. By comparison, 19% of men shared that sentiment.

The survey also showed that women are more price-sensitive.

About two-thirds of women surveyed said they check Amazon for products and prices before making a purchase, compared with 54% of men. Roughly three in 10 women surveyed said they frequently use their mobile devices to compare prices while in a physical store, while only 21% of men did the same. And women are also more likely to shop at discount retailers like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods.

No conclusions were drawn as to why women were more frugal, used digital tools to compare prices and shopped at discount retailers more than their male counterparts. Age and life stage weren't examined, though it's not a leap to imagine women are more price-sensitive either because they have less discretionary income to spend or because women with families are often responsible for buying goods for the entire household and are budgeting by necessity.