McDonald's; Snapchat; Chipotle

McDonald's; Snapchat; Chipotle

The numbers you need to know today

Fresh Delivery: No one wants to order fries, only to get them delivered soggy. And McDonald's believes it has found the solution: Uber Eats. The fast-food giant has been using the service since last year and says that fries have become its No. 1 seller among consumers ordering delivery, Bloomberg reports. According to eMarketer Retail's companies database, McDonald's comparable sales grew 6.0% in Q3 2017.

Snap Store: Snap Inc. has launched Snap Store, which is a page within its app that lets consumers buy a variety of merchandise, such as a dancing hot dog plushie or a winkface sweatshirt. TechCrunch reports that Snap isn't using this as a revenue vehicle currently, but "could potentially develop a real revenue stream around charging brands a cut of what they sell" on the social network.

Food for Thought: CNBC is reporting that Chipotle's reputation is worse than what it was when they had food safety issues. According to a UBS poll cited by CNBC, over a third of consumers are eating at Chipotle less often because of food safety concerns.

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