Many Consumers Still Prefer to Shop for Groceries In-Store

The tactile component plays a major role

In another sign that consumers haven’t fully come around to buying groceries online, a May 2018 survey by Morning Consult reveals that many still prefer to see and touch the products in person. 

Indeed, nearly two-thirds of US internet users surveyed said it was a primary reason why they haven't done so—more than convenience (8%), cost (7%) or knowing which digital retailer was the best to use (7%). 

By and large, many consumers just prefer to fill their baskets in-store. According to a 2017 ShopperKit survey of US internet users who didn't purchase groceries digitally, 41% said they “enjoy [their] weekly trip to the store.” 

We forecast that only 2.8% of US food and beverage sales will take place online in 2018.

Nevertheless, both supermarkets and big-box retailers are committed to transforming the grocery shopping experience.  Online ordering has been one area of investment for the likes of Kroger and Walmart, and it’s also the crux of Amazon’s Whole Foods strategy