Here’s What Millennial Women Want from Big-Ticket Buys

Here’s What Millennial Women Want from Big-Ticket Buys

Some enjoy spending money and don't always look at a price tag

When it comes to shopping habits, millennial women indulge on big-ticket items from time to time, but getting a good deal is also important to many of them. 

A January 2018 survey from global marketing agency Merkle and Levo, a professional community for millennial women, found that roughly eight in 10 US millennial female internet users like to occasionally splurge on big-ticket items, but at the same time want to make sure they're getting the best deal. 

Of those surveyed, a few (14%) said they fully enjoyed spending their money however they wanted without looking at a price tag to ultimately influence their decision. And even fewer respondents (5%) said they don't like to splurge at all, opting to spend only on what is necessary. 

Millennial women aren't the only consumers out there searching for a good deal. As a whole, millennials are keen on saving money where they can, hoping to stretch their dollars as far as possible.

In fact, an October 2017 YouGov survey of US internet users found online coupon use to be highest among millennials, with 42% saying they did so.

A similar survey of internet users ages 20 to 35 by CouponFollow found about a third of them use discounted offers “always” or “very often” when shopping online.

Aside from digital couponing, millennials are also more likely to buy private labels and try lower-priced brands as a cost-cutting strategy compared with internet users overall, per a Q1 2017 survey by IRI.

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