Happiness Is Finalizing that Online Purchase

Happiness Is Finalizing that Online Purchase

Going through the checkout process is another story

For digital shoppers, happiness is that feeling when an online order is complete, confirmed and being processed.

In fact, a May 2018 survey of US digital buyers by ecommerce marketing tech company Rokt found it’s the point in the purchase journey where 43% of respondents said they’re happiest. While that’s an understandable sentiment, that feeling of happiness isn’t as likely in the steps prior to purchase completion.

For example, 24% said they’re happiest when researching products, while 21% said their happiness stems from selecting what to buy from a site.

And just how happy are they during the checkout process? Not very, according to Rokt. Just 9% said that going through this process brought them happiness. 

This survey echoes similar findings from past studies that show that the checkout is a source of frustration for many. In a January 2018 Instart Logic report, roughly 34% of US internet users said they've been disappointed by an error during checkout. Similarly, an Episerver survey conducted last year found that about two in 10 internet users in Western Europe and the US will leave a brand’s site or app without making a purchase if checkout takes too long.

Still, there’s opportunity for retailers that work to refine the checkout process. According to a survey of US merchants by American Express in 2017, 54% of respondents said improved checkout was a factor that influenced their sales growth. 

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