Good Impressions; Site Visits; Call Centers

Good Impressions; Site Visits; Call Centers

The numbers you need to know today

Amazon > Facebook: Compared with Facebook, another company that's been in the news, US consumers have better opinions of Amazon and the USPS, according to a YouGov poll. Some 42% have a very favorable impression of Amazon and 35% think the same of the USPS, while only 19% think positively of Facebook. Consumers aren't sure about whether or not the USPS makes a profit off of Amazon deliveries, the survey found. Four in 10 said they weren't sure, and 38% thought it was profiting. Additionally, more respondents thought online retailers like Amazon should not collect sales tax (38%) than should (34%). 

Retail Traffic Rankings: No surprise—Amazon had the most traffic in Q1 2018 in SimilarWeb's general merchandise category. It took 54.1% of share, followed by eBay (23.7%) and (9.8%). For apparel, Macy's (24.4%), JCPenney (12.5%) and Nordstrom (11.8%) were the top three ranked by traffic. Best Buy (40.9%), (16.8%) and GameStop (12.8%) took the lead among consumer electronics sites. 

Caller Authentication: According to Trustid, knowledge-based authentication (KBA), aka asking for personal information, is the leading form of caller authentication used by call centers (92%). However, only 10% of contact center professionals felt very confident in this method, and 31% said they are somewhat or very unsatisfied with their current authentication methods overall.

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