eBay; Sam's Club; Chipotle

eBay; Sam's Club; Chipotle

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AR Features: eBay will be rolling out augmented reality (AR) features later this year to make its online marketplace more interactive for both buyers and sellers. According to Fortune, if someone wanted to see how new wheels would look on their car before biting the bullet and making a purchase, the AR feature would allow them to do so. 

New Model: Sam's Club, which closed down roughly 63 of its locations last month, is rolling out an online membership model that looks very similar to Amazon's Prime service. For $100 a year, consumers will be able to take advantage of free shipping on most items the company sells online, as well as other benefits like early shopping hours and pharmacy and optical discounts. 

New Honcho: Chipotle is betting on Brian Niccol, Taco Bell's former CEO, to "revive the struggling burrito chain," The Wall Street Journal reports. Chipotle has had a rough year, particularly because of food safety issues. According to a recent UBS poll cited by CNBC, over a third of consumers are eating at Chipotle less often because of such safety concerns. 

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