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We all know you can’t sell what your customers can’t find. With an ever-increasing wealth of shopping options, it’s imperative that you create a customer experience that helps buyers locate what they need quickly and accurately. Traditional search technology is incapable of delivering the kind of seamless, personalized, predictive experience today’s customers expect. In response, leading brands are trading in insufficient legacy search tactics for more holistic “discoverability” strategies that focus on the big-picture goal of shortening the buyer’s path to the products and content they need.

A discoverability solution creates a frictionless experience that helps ensure buyers can find what they need more quickly and with less effort. This results in increased conversions and more satisfied customers, which ultimately drives business growth, profits, and sustainability.

Use AI to understand and engage your buyer. With a more complete and detailed understanding of buyer intent and situational context—both in terms of overall patterns and individual needs—you can interpret queries even when the buyer isn’t clear about what they are looking for. Because machine learning allows you to incorporate business knowledge and rules, the results you deliver will not only be more accurate and relevant to the buyer, they will also include upsell and cross-sell opportunities, predict what people need and proactively optimize toward higher-value conversions, whether that means products with higher margins or lower rates of return.

By 2023, the majority of organizations using artificial intelligence for digital commerce will achieve at least a 25% improvement in customer satisfaction, revenue or cost reduction.

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gartner, september 2019

In short, a discoverability solution gives you a completely new way to engage your buyers and more control over that engagement. By combining product and content discoverability with a deep understanding of intent signals and automated product management, a strong discoverability solution creates a wealth of new opportunities.

Getting started early puts you way ahead of your competition. AI and machine learning depend on access to large amounts of data over time. The more data you have, the better your system will be. Data feeds learning, which feeds actions, which creates more data, and so on. The brands that get started now will have an exponential lead on the ones that join the revolution later. In fact, Gartner research predicts that “by 2023, the majority of organizations using artificial intelligence for digital commerce will achieve at least a 25% improvement in customer satisfaction, revenue or cost reduction.”

The good news is that the process of getting started isn’t as complicated or costly as you might think. You don’t need to rip out and replace your existing platforms and systems. Instead, you can use solutions that have been designed to integrate with your existing environments. Because discoverability is new territory for most companies, your first step is to find a partner who can guide you through the process and offer experienced advice about which technologies, products, and services will be most effective for your organization.

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