Data Feed: April 10, 2018

Data Feed: April 10, 2018

Key stats you need to know about today

Phone a Friend: HQ Trivia, a popular quiz app, is introducing new social features that lets users not only connect with friends and family, but also keep track of how they're doing, TechCrunch reports. The update was released in the UK yesterday, with plans to roll out in the US sometime soon.

Worldwide Sales: Juniper Research published new estimates that show online sales of physical goods will make up 13% of total retail sales worldwide by 2020. That equates to $3.8 trillion of the nearly $30 trillion global retail market. The firm also ranked retailers by their online competitiveness, and the top three were The Home Depot, John Lewis and Sainsbury's. eMarketer forecasts that retail ecommerce will make up 15.5% of total retail sales worldwide by 2020, though this figure includes services in addition to physical goods. 

Software Spending: Worldwide spending on enterprise software will grow 11.1% this year to $391 billion, per Gartner. Companies putting more budget toward licensing software could be a good sign for marketing tech vendors looking to strike new deals.

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