November 6, 2020

US Pay TV Household Penetration, 2014-2020 (% of TV households)


This chart shows the number of pay TV households in the United States as a percentage of total households with TV for the years 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019. Pay TV includes television delivered via cable, satellite, telco provider and internet (vMVPD and skinny bundle).


Data is from the November 2020 Leichtman Research Group Inc. (LRG) report titled "Pay TV in the US 2019" as cited in press release. 2,000 US adults ages 18+ were surveyed during September-October 2020. 1,210 respondents were surveyed online and 790 were surveyed via telephone (including landline and mobile phone). The random sample of respondents was distributed and weighted to reflect the demographic and geographic makeup of the US. The sample has a statistical margin of error of +/-2.2 percentage points.