January 28, 2020

Preferred Channel to Make a Digital Purchase According to Internet Users in Germany, by Product Category, Sep 2019 (% of respondents)


This chart shows where internet users primarily purchase each product category. Product categories included are, among others, books, movies, music, videogames, toys, household appliances, apparel and footwear, DIY, consumer electronics, and groceries. Purchase channels included are, among others, ... Amazon, Ebay, online shops, price comparison sites, and Google shopping. More


Respondents were asked, "When you purchase a product online, where would you primarily purchase the following product categories?"


Data is from the January 2020 ibi research and Digital Commerce Research Network (DCRN) report titled "Handel im digitalen Wandel: wie online eingekauft wird." 1,007 internet users ages 18-69 in Germany were surveyed online in September 2019. DCRN partner companies include atriga, Concardis, eCube, SHI, Worldline/SIX Payments, D&G-Software and CONCREDOS.