July 23, 2019

Which Payment Methods Would Internet Users in Great Britain Consider Using When Shopping In-Store? (% of respondents, June 2019)


Consumers in Great Britain were asked which method they would consider using payment methods while shopping in-store in general. Payment methods include retina scan (i.e., where a machine uses a scan of your eye to link to your payment information and make a payment), fingerprint scan, cash, chip ... and pin, contactless card payment, mobile phone payment (i.e., Apple Pay), wearable payment device and embedded payment microchip (i.e., safe microchip implants under skin which would be used to make contactless payments).More


Data was provided to eMarketer by Paymentsense.


Data is from the July 2019 Paymentsense study conducted by YouGov. 2,049 internet users ages 16+ in Great Britain were surveyed online during June 26-27, 2019. Paymentsense is a financial technology company providing card payment solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and Ireland.