July 12, 2019

Research Activities that US Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Shoppers vs. Traditional Brand Shoppers Conduct Before Making a Purchase, May 2019 (% of respondents)


US consumers that buy direct-to-consumer brands or traditional brands were asked what research they do before making a purchase. Some of the types of research included in the chart were: going to a physical store or pop-up location, referencing social media influencers and talking to ... salespeople/customer service representatives.More


Data is from the July 2019 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report titled "Disrupting Brand Preference: The impact of Direct Brands across the path to purchase." 3,000 US internet users ages 13+ that are aware of/engaged with direct brands were surveyed online during May 2019. Internet users ages were 13-34 (1,000), 35-50 (1,000) and 50+ (1,000). Results were weighted against US Census Bureau factors such as gender and age.