April 25, 2019

Important* Capabilities for Successful Customer Service vs. Their Company's Current Chatbot Abilities According to Customer Service Decision-Makers in North America and the UK, April 2019 (% of respondents)


This report covers trends in personalization and the use of chatbots in customer service interactions. This chart shows that customer service professionals believe that in order to be successful at customer service, they must understand the value of the customer, provide personalized responses, ... automate actions based on customer responses and more. These functionalities are compared to the company's current chatbot capabilities.More


Data is from the April 2019 Ada report titled "Prioritize Personalization When Choosing Conversational Chatbot Platforms To Reap Rewards" conducted by Forrester Consulting. 100 customer service decision-makers in Canada (9%), the UK (30%) and the US (61%) were surveyed during April 2019. Respondents identified themselves as C-level (18%), director (27%), manager (27%) and VP (28%). 99% of the companies that respondents worked for had revenues of over $1 billion. The surveyed organizations had customer service departments of at least 300 agents, receiving 5,000+ inquiries per month. Ada is an automated customer experience company.