March 23, 2018

Industry Challenges that Will Become a Greater Concern in 2018 According to UK Publishers vs. Total Marketers* (% of respondents)


A survey asked UK publishers and marketers which industry challenges they expect to become bigger concerns during the coming year: GDPR, brand safety, transparency, ad fraud, privacy concerns, lack of in-app measurement, ad blocking, fake news, attribution modeling, ROI assessment, accurate ... targeting, third-party measurement.More


Data provided to eMarketer by Integral Ad Science.


Data is from the March 2018 Integral Ad Science report titled "Look ahead UK: Transparency will shape 2018." 332 UK digital advertising professionals at agencies (47.3%), brands (3.9%), demand-side platforms (DSPs) (6.7%), networks or exchanges (5.5%), publishers (17.6%), supply-side platforms (SSPs) (1.5%), trading desks (7.0%) and other (10.6%) from the Integral Ad Science contacts database were surveyed online during December 4-15, 2017. Integral Ad Science is a global media valuation platform.