March 20, 2018

Primary Obstacle to Mass Adoption of Augmented vs. Virtual Reality Technology According to US Augmented/Virtual Reality Professionals, Jan 2018 (% of respondents)


US professionals working with augmented reality (AR) and/or virtual reality (VR) were asked about the obstacles to mass adoption of AR/VR technologies. Obstacles include UX, cost and regulation among others. Responses were broken out by AR and VR.


Data is from the March 2018 Perkins Coie "2018 Augmented and Virtual Reality Survey Report." 140 US augmented/virtual reality professionals were surveyed online in January 2018. Respondents identified their role as advertiser/outside consultant (15%), developer (3%), executive at an established tech company (21%), founder/executive of an augmented or virtual reality startup (42%), investor (8%), production company (4%) and other (7%). Perkins Coie is an international law firm.