Will Cryptocurrencies Go Mainstream?

Will Cryptocurrencies Go Mainstream?

Paying via cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, may soon be the norm, at least according to a survey from SharesPost.

The study found that demand for cryptocurrencies is expected to grow in the near future. Nearly seven in 10 respondents who owned cryptocurrency said they plan to increase their investment in the next 12 months. And among those who didn't own any, 21% planned to purchase cryptocurrencies in that same timeframe.

What's more, many respondents—both those who have invested in this form of payment and those who haven't—agreed that "the public will widely adopt cryptocurrencies by 2025."

There are those, however, who don't particularly see it going mainstream. For example, 12% of respondents who don't own any cryptocurrency said they weren't sure, and another 16% said it will never be widely adopted.

Unsurprisingly, current owners are less likely to feel this way: Just 4% said it will never go mainstream.

By and large, SharesPost found that most people are aware of cryptocurrencies. And many own some. Indeed, nearly half (45%) said they did.