Why More Advertisers Have an Eye on Mapping Platforms

Consumers on the go are more likely to buy, Waze says

An interview with:
Anasofía Sánchez Juárez
Director General, Operations and Country Manager, Mexico

Consumers' car rides are changing, whether that's due to their connected vehicles or the mobile devices they bring with them on the road. Anasofía Sánchez Juárez, director general of operations and country manager for Waze in Mexico, envisions that cars will transform from a means of transportation to a service, and sees marketers picking up on this trend by using the advancing advertising capabilities on its navigation platform. Sánchez Juárez spoke with eMarketer's Matteo Ceurvels and Caroline Cakebread about the different strategies its advertisers are using to get consumers to the point of sale for our July report, "Maps and Navigation Apps: Discovery, Exploration Features Open Up Ad Opportunities."


Why do brands see advertising in mapping platforms like Waze to be worth their time and marketing budgets?

Anasofía Sánchez Juárez:

When people are on the move, they are more likely to take action on a promotion or make a purchase. The concept of mobility marketing also comes into play, as we are the last mile before someone reaches a point of sale.

Being able to connect the online with the offline is becoming a deciding factor for brands that start working with us. We can see where someone went after seeing an ad on their mobile device, and deduce which ad influenced them to take that action.

Interview conducted on July 9, 2018

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