What Brands Want from In-App Programmatic Advertising

What Brands Want from In-App Programmatic Advertising

They have high expectations

An interview with:
John Egan
Head of Demand, EMEA
MoPub, a Twitter company

We forecast that more than four of every five US mobile display ad dollars will flow via automated channels this year. While in-app programmatic buying still has its challenges, it is also seeing great momentum. eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher spoke with John Egan, head of demand, EMEA at MoPub, a Twitter company, about how brand advertisers are navigating the in-app programmatic space and what drives them to spend more dollars there.


What trends do you see today in the use of the open markets vs. private setups, like private marketplaces (PMPs) and guarantees to access in-app inventory?

John Egan:

In general, the overall activity is representative of a market that continues to grow and offer different opportunities for different types of marketers. For some brands, the motivation for having a PMP is to ensure brand safety. They basically want to exclude things that present a risk. It’s more about risk management.

With performance advertisers, we often find the opposite—they start in open bidding, they find something that works, and then they want to move to a PMP to lock up inventory that performs really well for them. It’s almost like they're using open bidding as a sampling process to find pockets of inventory that work well. And then they want to crowd other people out.

Interview conducted on August 14, 2018

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