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Not only is the number of connected consumers increasing, but they're also engaging with products across a variety of categories, from appliances and cars to security systems and wearables, according to recent research from InMobi. This makes it more important than ever for marketers to understand what the connected consumer experience looks like.

For InMobi’s Connected Consumer Report 2020, new user trends were reviewed across multiple categories and several brand-specific products. For those specific brands, the company’s intelligence solution team looked at the frequency of user engagement and app install and uninstall activity from January through November 2019. Market research was also conducted to understand what drives connected device users to engage with brands and to learn more about their attitudes for future adoption. Below, InMobi shares their top six insights from the study:

No. 1: The number of connected consumers is increasing steadily, and growth is happening across all categories—connected home (i.e. smart security systems, smart appliances, smart speakers, etc.), cars and wearables.

No. 2: The top five individual months of growth were: March (cars and home assistants), January (wearables and home electronics), May (wearables and connected home), September (car, appliances and home electronics) and July (connected home).

No. 3: More than 78% of the connected consumer growth in 2019 was in the connected home category.

No. 4: Among all of the categories looked at, usage and future consideration are highest for connected home devices.

No. 5: Among all brands reviewed, overall consideration is highest for Ring, Samsung WEAR and Android Auto.

No. 6: Barriers differ across all categories reviewed, but there is no overarching concern such as privacy or price.

Predicting the Connected Consumer’s Future

Despite being in a nascent stage, the connected consumer landscape is growing rapidly. And this may just be the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as connected consumer products and connectivity improve every day (especially once 5G is everywhere).

These changes bring on a world of new opportunities for marketers. If you think we’re living amid an omnichannel world now, just wait until the connected consumer becomes an everyday reality.

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