How to Use Influencers Throughout the Marketing Funnel

How to Use Influencers Throughout the Marketing Funnel

They're not just for brand awareness

An interview with:
Kamiu Lee

There's no question that influencers can be a powerful marketing tool for brands. But identifying the right influencer and the right channel for a campaign can be a struggle for many marketers. eMarketer's Jasmine Enberg spoke with Kamiu Lee, CEO of influencer marketing agency Activate, about why influencer marketing will remain relevant and how to effectively leverage influencers at every stage of the marketing funnel. Lee was interviewed as part of eMarketer's July report, "Global Influencer Marketing: What Platforms to Use, Policies to Follow and the Paths to Purchase Around the World."


What's the appeal of influencer marketing for brands?

Kamiu Lee:

Influencer marketing is essentially permission-based. People choose to follow or get messaging from someone, usually because they connect with them in some way or believe the person is an expert on a certain topic.

By tapping into the right influencers, marketers are able to target a self-selected audience to hear about certain brands or products.

Interview conducted on May 18, 2018

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