How Retailers Like Kroger, Poshmark and Dagne Dover Shaped 2019

This past year, we sat down with several retailers to learn more about their marketing efforts, the channels they rely on most, and how they’re adapting to the continuous change in consumer behavior.

We learned that more direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands like Burrow, Purple and MVMT—having already established their online customer bases—are looking to expand into physical retail.

Chris Brandt, CMO of Chipotle spoke about making the company more visible and relevant to its consumers."You have to find the stories of the brand and tell them because today's consumer— particularly at Chipotle where almost half of our consumers are Gen Zers or millennials—wants to know the story behind the brand," he said. "That's something you didn't have to do much before. People not only want a conversation, they expect you to have one and understand what the brand stands for."

And social media manager Casey Smith of Kroger gave us an insight into the company’s TikTok Hashtag Challenge campaign.

Here, we look back at some of the most popular retail interviews that published in 2019:

Chipotle CMO Chris Brandt on Telling the Company's Story as It Makes Its Comeback

After several years of food safety challenges, Chipotle Mexican Grill had to rebuild its brand. Part of those efforts included bringing on Chris Brandt as CMO last year, who helped the company embrace digital as part of its efforts to reach Gen Z and millennials.

How Aldo Approaches Martech Investments

We spoke with Grégoire Baret, general manager of omnichannel experience at shoe retailer Aldo, about how his team works in collaboration with IT to roll out a new marketing technology.

For Burrow, Showrooms Help Simplify the Furniture-Buying Experience

Shopping for furniture can be overwhelming whether online or in-store. It’s something the co-founders of Burrow found out firsthand years ago when they were looking to invest in their own big-ticket items.

Kroger’s Hashtag Challenge: A Retailer's Perspective on TikTok

Looking to reach college students during the back-to-school shopping season, grocery retailer Kroger turned to short-video app TikTok.

Poshmark CMO on How Adaptive Leadership Skills and a Team-Centric Approach Fuel Success

When Steven Tristan Young, CMO at social commerce marketplace Poshmark, started his career two decades ago, he knew he’d be doing so with the goal of leading a marketing team like Poshmark’s: one focused on brand strategy and aggressive, yet thoughtful, growth.

Industry Voices: Have Retailers Acquired Enough First-Party Data?

We sat down with retailers, including Natori, Article and Knix, to discuss their current marketing efforts and how they define digital transformation.

MVMT’s CMO on What It Takes to Be a Successful D2C Marketer

When CMO Ryan Dell joined MVMT in 2016, the fashion brand was primarily a D2C watch seller with little retail presence. After establishing the brand—largely through building a strong following on social media—MVMT caught the attention of watch giant Movado Group, which acquired the company last year.

How FabFitFun Leverages Influencer Marketing to Bolster Subscriptions

Influencer marketing is an important part of the marketing mix for most companies, especially those in the retail space. Subscription box brand FabFitFun is one of many retailers investing in the space. We spoke with Leslie Emmons Burthey, vice president of marketing at FabFitFun, to discuss how the company approaches influencer marketing.

Why Dagne Dover Opened a Pop-Up Shop in NYC

Having already established an online presence, Dagne Dover unveiled a pop-up store in New York City's SoHo neighborhood last summer. The company, like many other D2C brands, is testing out the waters before expanding into permanent brick-and-mortar locations.

Purple’s CEO on D2C Brands, Mattresses in Boxes and Why They’re Considering a Physical Location

D2C brands are disrupting the retail space. These companies use an array of tactics to attract business, from offering low prices to targeting shoppers who care about ethical consumption to simply providing a more convenient experience. Joe Megibow, CEO of Purple, talks about their approach.

How Jersey Mike’s, ThirdLove and Mack Weldon Harness Their Loyalty Programs

Loyalty marketing goes beyond loyalty programs, but they are still an important part of the customer experience and a vital channel for keeping customers engaged and spending. We spoke with several industry experts about their own loyalty programs and how they came to fruition.

The History of Cyber Monday: Q&A with Scott Silverman, Co-Founder of the Biggest Day in Ecommerce

The term "Cyber Monday" was first introduced to the retail world in 2005 via a press release from What is now the moniker of one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year was coined by members of the organization and its then-executive director Scott Silverman.