How Kia Harnesses the Power of Big Data to Engage Its Customers

How Kia Harnesses the Power of Big Data to Engage Its Customers

It's challenging, but rewarding

An interview with:
Nathalie Choy
National Manager, Digital, Social and CRM Marketing
Kia Motors America

Brands have thousands of consumer data points available to them, but driving actionable insights from that data is a challenge. On top of that, factors like viewability concerns and shrinking budgets put even more pressure on marketers to make sure this data can be utilized to its maximum potential. Nathalie Choy, national manager of digital, social and CRM marketing at Kia Motors America, spoke with eMarketer’s Caroline Cakebread about how she evaluates the automaker’s customer data and uses it to create a more engaging and personalized experience. Choy was interviewed as part of eMarketer’s May report, "Understanding Customer Engagement: How to Map and Make Sense of the Metrics that Matter."


How are you defining customer engagement at Kia?

Nathalie Choy:

We look at customer engagement throughout the entire customer journey. From the time someone becomes aware of the Kia brand to when they are ready to explore and look at buying, and then eventually throughout the ownership experience.

Something we’re always looking at improving is tying together all of the disparate touchpoints to paint the full customer journey. It’s about taking all of that data and putting a meaningful experience behind it for our customers.


As you keep an end-to-end view of the customer journey, what metrics are you looking at?

Interview conducted on March 16, 2018

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