How Brands Can Use Snap Map and Instagram Explore to Their Advantage

How Brands Can Use Snap Map and Instagram Explore to Their Advantage

And why it's worth the effort

An interview with:
Lauren Sanborn
Director, Social Media
Schafer Condon Carter

Last year Snapchat introduced Snap Map, its interactive heat map of nearby users and events, while Instagram has less developed features like location pages and tagging. But despite being in their nascent form, both tools are attached to major social audiences and offer opportunities for increased brand exposure. Lauren Sanborn, director of social media at Chicago-based agency Schafer Condon Carter, spoke with eMarketer's Yory Wurmser about what brands need to know about using these features to their advantage, even when the advertising options are limited. Sanborn was interviewed as part of eMarketer's July report, "Maps and Navigation Apps: Discovery, Exploration Features Open Up Ad Opportunities."


Snapchat and Instagram both have location-based features. Can you compare and contrast their use of maps?

Lauren Sanborn:

Snapchat is more advanced and ahead of Instagram in terms of its map functionality, features and utility. In Snap Map, you can look up a location and it links you directly to Uber and Lyft. You can actually click "request a Lyft" or "request an Uber" and get yourself to that location.

There's a lot more utility built into Snap Map. Instagram doesn't have a similar feature available, but if history is any indication, I wouldn't be surprised if Instagram took a similar approach. I would be surprised if we don't see more map functionality come from Instagram in the next six to 18 months.

Even if your brand doesn't have a Snapchat account and you don't advertise on Snapchat, that doesn't mean you're not there.


Snapchat hasn’t released advertising for Snap Map, but are there other ways for brands to use the tool?

Interview conducted on June 28, 2018

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