Health Tech's Role In The New Office Normal: How digital health firms are helping US employers facilitate return-to-work programs amid the coronavirus pandemic

Executive Summary

Formulating a return-to-work strategy amid and in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is a major endeavor unlike anything employers have had to tackle. Gaining insight into the market, existing products, and potential benefits and risks could prove useful, especially considering the crowding space: Digital health and tech giants that’ve pivoted into healthcare are racing to build out strategies that can facilitate the transition.

Three Key Questions This Report Will Answer:

  • What types of digital health/big tech companies have pivoted to develop return-to-work programs during COVID-19 outbreaks, and how have they done so?
  • What does the landscape of the return-to-work space look like now, and what will it look like over the course of the next year?
  • What benefits and risks come with these programs?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? In this report, Insider Intelligence will outline how tech giants and digital health companies are using their tech and clinical expertise to help US businesses with their reopening plans. We explore what the return-to-work health tech space looks like now—providing examples of the solutions on the market from both tech companies and fast-moving digital health companies, and unpacking the pros and cons of each. Finally, we shed light on some of the legal and privacy-related challenges that could hamper employers' implementation of tech-enabled return-to-work programs.

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Zoë LaRock