For Some Consumers, Amazon 'Always' Meets Their Delivery Expectations

For Some Consumers, Amazon 'Always' Meets Their Delivery Expectations

Consumers expect online orders to be shipped and delivered to their doors as quickly as possible, but are retailers meeting their demands?

For the most part, yes. In a recent Walker Sands survey, roughly 45% of US internet users said digital retailers often met their "delivery speed expectations," while another 40% felt the same way about Amazon specifically.

Not surprisingly, though, more respondents (30%) noted that the ecommerce giant "always" met these expectations. In contrast, fewer (15%) said the same about digital retailers.

Walker Sands' study illustrates just how much Amazon has continued to innovate and invest in fulfillment, and how this emphasis on delivery service has impressed consumers.

The survey echoes similar sentiments from past studies. For example, a MetaPack survey of digital buyers in the US and Western Europe last year found that 54% of respondents rated Amazon’s delivery service as "excellent," putting its fulfillment skills above other brands and manufacturers, as well as retailers and competing marketplaces.

And for many consumers, fulfillment matters. A Murphy Research report from March 2018 found that nearly six in 10 US internet users said they choose a retailer primarily on its shipping speeds.