Analyst Take: How the Coronavirus Will Change Our France Ad Spending Forecast

About This Report
The coronavirus pandemic has upended countless 2020 ad spending forecasts, ours included. We’re now issuing updated estimates for France ad spending in H1 2020 based on current information about how advertisers will respond.

With the coronavirus pandemic leading to a significant economic slowdown, we’re providing updated guidance to our clients about what we expect for ad spending during H1 2020. We finalized our most recent complete forecast on March 6, 2020, before the cascade of drastic social distancing and market declines began in Europe. Over the next month, we will be providing guidance through a series of "Analyst Take" notes on ad spending for search, display, TV and out-of-home. We will also be issuing guidance for ad spending in Canada, China, Germany, the UK and the US. We will update our full-year forecast for digital ad spending again in June. You can access all our latest articles, videos and podcasts on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic by clicking the icon at the right of the search bar.

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Karin von Abrams


Monica Peart
Senior Director, Forecasting
Shelleen Shum
Director, Forecasting