Ai In Insurance Report: How forward-thinking insurers are using AI to slash costs and boost customer satisfaction as disruption looms

Executive Summary

The insurance sector has fallen behind the curve of financial services innovation —which has left hundreds of billions in potential cost-savings on the table, with the front office being the most lucrative area to target for AI-driven cost savings.

Three Key Questions This Report Will Answer:

  • What are the use cases of AI within insurance front office, and which insurers have already implemented such solutions?
  • What are the benefits of using AI?
  • What should insurers focus on when leveraging AI, and where should they start?

WHAT'S IN THIS REPORT? In this report, Business Insider Intelligence will examine AI solutions across key areas of the front office — customer service, personalization, and claims management — to illustrate how the technology can significantly enhance the customer experience and cut costs along the value chain. We will look at companies that have accomplished these goals to illustrate what insurers should focus on when implementing AI, and offer recommendations on how to ensure successful AI adoption.

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Lea Nonninger