September 8, 2021

How Would US Health Executives Rank Their Hospital/Health System's vs. Nonhealthcare Companies' Digital Offerings? (% of respondents, Summer 2021)


Respondents were asked, "How would you rank your organization's pre-pandemic/current digital offerings when compared to non-healthcare companies?"


Data is from the September 2021 KaufmanHall report titled "State of Consumerism in Healthcare 2021: Regaining Momentum." More than 110 US health executives from nearly 95 organizations representing community hospitals, health systems, pediatric hospitals, academic medical centers, rehabilitation hospitals, and rural providers, were surveyed in summer 2021. Respondents representing organizations that operate in multiple states comprised nearly 10% of all respondents. The majority of respondents were C-suite executives, directors/managers, or senior vice presidents/vice presidents.