March 26, 2021

Reasons that Mobile Phone Users in Great Britain and the US Own Cryptocurrency, March 2021 (% of respondents)


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Data was provided to Insider Intelligence by Measure Protocol.


Data is from Measure Protocol Insights QA (Quick Answers). 4,514 mobile phone users in Great Britain and the US ages 18+ were surveyed online during March 10-15, 2021. Respondents in Measure Protocol's opt-in panel download the MSR app for Android or iOS; rewards are offered in exchange for actions such as taking a survey or sharing select app usage data. Ages of the respondents were 18-24 (35.2%), 25-39 (43.7%), and 40+ (21.1%). 58% were female, 40.5% were male, and 1.6% other. 35.2% (1,589) were from Great Britain and 64.8% (2,925) were from US. 71% of the respondents were iOS users and 29% Android users. Measure Protocol is a marketplace for 'person-based data.' Consumers get paid to provide data and opinions through surveys and by sharing data from sources such as health and location tracking on their mobile device.