October 15, 2020

What Types of Voice/Audio Tech & Content Do Voice Tech Professionals Worldwide Work with? (% of respondents, July 2020)


Respondents were asked, "Which types of audio content/technology do you produce/work with?"


Data is from an October 2020 Reuters report in partnership with Modev titled "Reuters Audio Survey: Key Insights for Voice Technology and Content Industry." 343 voice technology professionals worldwide were surveyed during June-July 2020. Respondents were recruited from among attendees of the 2020 VOICE Summit; the survey was also promoted via the Reuters EXPO page and via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 27% of respondents were based in the US, 17% in India, and 12% in the Philippines; no other country accounted for more than 5% of respondents. 45% of respondents were in senior manager positions or higher, with 15% in C-suite roles. 34% of respondents were in technology/electronics, 19% in government/education, 14% in publishing/news/media, and 10% in marketing; no other industry accounted for more than 4% of respondents. Modev is an events producer and professional community for the emerging technology field.