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Interactive Content Is More Than Just an Attention-Grabber

Assessments, calculators and contests are most widely used

June 24, 2016

Not surprisingly, most content marketers in North America agree that interactive content grabs a reader’s attention more effectively than static content. But, according to research, it also provides many other benefits.

Attitudes Toward Interactive Content* Among Content Marketers in North America, March 2016 (% of respondents)

Together the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and ion interactive polled 341 content marketers in North America during February and March 2016 on the value of content that spurs readers to participate in a dialogue.

Four in five (81%) respondents concurred that interactive content was more effective in grabbing readers’ attention.

More interestingly, CMI uncovered other valuable benefits of interactive content for content marketers. For instance, 79% of respondents agreed that this type of content can be reused and subsequently encourage repeat visits. Another 79% said that interactive content, when combined with traditional content marketing, can help strengthen their company’s message.

Types of Interactive Content* Used by Content Marketers in North America, March 2016 (% of respondents)

The research also revealed what type of interactive content these marketers have used. Half or more of respondents had created assessments, calculators and contests. Meanwhile, wizards and interactive lookbooks were reportedly deployed least commonly.

Content marketing is one of the top areas that marketers create interactive content for. In a separate May 2016 survey from TeamPeople, the largest share (43%) of respondents said they implemented this type of content, closely followed by paid social and internal brand promotion.

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