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Programmatic Advertising Is Driving Rapid Growth in Mobile Video

Jan 17, 2020

As more people watch video content on their mobile devices, the nature of mobile video monetization is changing. This is particularly the case for programmatic advertising, which we define as an automated, technology-driven method of buying, selling or fulfilling digital display ad placements. Overall, mobile video ads sold programmatically generated $19.93 billion in revenues in 2019 in the US and will generate $24.87 billion in 2020.

Mobile Video Monetization 2019

Mobile Video Monetization 2019

Nov 14, 2019

Mobile video viewing habits are evolving, and along with that comes a variety of opportunities for creators and publishers to monetize their content—and, in turn, for marketers and advertisers to reach audiences.

Marketing on TikTok

Marketing on TikTok

Oct 30, 2019

TikTok, the Chinese short-video app, is taking off in the US, India and elsewhere. It offers many unique marketing opportunities, such as the Hashtag Challenge, but marketers should take note of some risks.

APAC Dominates in Mobile Phone Video Viewership

Oct 15, 2019

So much of the world is accessing video primarily via mobile, as the devices take varying levels of precedence around the world. In our latest global reports collection, we take an in-depth look at usage patterns in specific regions.