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Marketers cannot drive growth for their brands without measuring the efficacy of their advertising. While this may seem simple, measurement is complex, and most marketers struggle to demonstrate the impact of their advertising’s reach and delivery across all screens—including the big one, TV.

Bring your teams together to bridge the gap between linear TV and digital channels. Keep them informed to deploy unified multichannel activations with reach analysis, frequency management, and conversion insights.

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Amobee's Max Knight, vice president, analytics, along with H&L Partners’ Jeremy Cobb, programmatic media director, and Tim Schatz, analytics director. They shared real use cases and success stories to demonstrate how common metrics can benefit decision makers.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • Which channels and networks can deliver ideal reach for your campaign
  • How to know if you’re under- or over-indexing against your audience—regardless of screen type
  • Top channel/screen combinations for strong offline sales, in-store foot traffic, and app downloads


Max Knight is vice president, analytics at Amobee. Max has built and leads the analytics team, and is devoted to helping brands and agencies discover and use deep insights to answer questions about their advertising, audiences, and messaging. Prior to Amobee, Max led the Optimization Strategy team at Yahoo! which was responsible for ad spending for the platform’s top 200 clients.

Jeremy Cobb is programmatic media director at H&L Partners. Jeremy has over a decade experience in political, corporate, and strategic communication and advertising. He has a deep understanding of the broadcast TV and cable landscape, existing and emerging advertising technologies, and omni-channel strategic planning.

Tim Schatz is analytics director at H&L Partners. Tim has over six years of analytics experience in several industry verticals. Tim’s expertise spans data management, data visualization, dashboard design, measurement planning, and uncovering insights and recommendations to optimize multimillion-dollar marketing campaigns across all channels.

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