The Technology Habits of Younger Boomers

The Technology Habits of Younger Boomers

They aren't shy around smart speakers and streaming services

An interview with:
Lori Bitter
The Business of Aging

Though younger boomers are often introduced to platforms and devices by their children, or even their grandchildren, this segment of the population is doing it their way and cementing their own usage habits. eMarketer's Tricia Carr spoke with Lori Bitter, president of The Business of Aging, about how the younger half of the US baby boomer population makes use of mobile devices, smart speakers, ecommerce and more, according to the firm's recent "Hacking Longevity" study. Bitter was interviewed as part of eMarketer's June reports on younger baby boomers' digital habits and finances.


Smartphones are getting larger. Does that mean younger boomers are using them for more than phone calls and texting, and are they abandoning tablets?

Lori Bitter:

In the latest research we did [in fall 2017 to early 2018], we noticed a lot of people have a tablet and a smartphone at home. And when you compare the size of them, their phone is now half the size of their tablet. Why do they have both? They talk about doing different things on their phone than they do on their tablet, even though these devices can do all of the same things.

When we question people about the iPhone Plus, they say it's about dexterity for texting. A lot of them text to stay in touch with their kids and grandkids because it's their preferred mode of communication.


If the smartphone is primarily thought of as a communication tool, what's the role of the tablet for younger boomers?

Interview conducted on May 4, 2018

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