The Importance of Aligning Loyalty and Acquisition

The Importance of Aligning Loyalty and Acquisition

Finding the sweet spot between new and loyal customers

An interview with:
Kevin Williams
Senior Vice President, Customer Success

B2B companies have a habit of focusing on acquisition, but sometimes that can come at the expense of other aspects of the business. However, Kevin William, senior vice president of customer success at marketing automation platform Act-On, sees loyalty as a key aspect of acquisition. He spoke with eMarketer’s Caroline Cakebread about the importance of aligning teams—from finance to customer support—to make customers into brand champions.


At what point in the customer life cycle does your loyalty strategy kick in?

Kevin Williams:

The customer experience starts before someone has even heard of us, to five years down the line when they’ve formed into long-term customers, to even after we might have lost them and are trying to win them back. Every touchpoint can positively or negatively influence a customer's experience—you have to be fanatically customer focused for the entire life cycle.

Interview conducted on September 17, 2018

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